5 Tips for Cooking Perfect Wagyu Beef

We’ve already talked about Wagyu beef steak and why it is so good. It’s an expensive piece of meat because of how the beef was raised, fed and the fact that you can’t buy it in your average butcher shop. It’s not like any other piece of meat; it’s decadent and superior in taste. 

Considering all of that, cooking Wagyu beef like any other beef shouldn’t be an option. Learn what’s the best way to cook Wagyu steak so that you can enjoy it fully. If you don’t want to waste money and know how to prepare Wagyu beef steak the right way, we’ve prepared a few tips on how to cook Wagyu steak.  

Picking the Right Cut 

When you pick a good cut of Wagyu beef steak, you’re on the right track. It doesn’t matter if you know how to cook Wagyu beef if the piece of meat isn’t good. You should always go to a good-reviewed and specialized butcher, ask for a fresh cut, and ask for their recommendation.  

Storing the Wagyu Beef 

You should store any meat properly to ensure the best-quality dish. Storing the meat is as important as how to prepare Wagyu beef. The fresh cuts should be used as soon as possible and stored in the fridge before cooking Wagyu beef. If you’ve bought the beef frozen, you should immediately freeze it again until you’re ready to use it. You don’t want to risk getting freezer burn caused by exposure to air.  

Thawing of the Meat 

Before cooking Wagyu beef, you need to thaw it if it’s frozen. And the best way to do it is to put it in the fridge and let it sit in it for six hours per pound of meat. Once it is thawed, you should take it out of the fridge, let it rest for half an hour, and then cook it. The best way to cook Wagyu steak is when it’s at room temperature if you want it cooked evenly.  

Don’t Overseason the Wagyu Beef Steak 

The true beauty of Wagyu beef steak is in the high-quality meat and the flavors that you draw out cooking Wagyu beef. The best tip on how to prepare Wagyu beef is not to overseason it. The best way to cook Wagyu steak is with salt and freshly ground pepper. Of course, you can always use the steak seasoning you like, but first, try it prepared simply.  

Don’t Overcook the Meat 

An essential rule of cooking any kind of steak, and our last tip on how to cook Wagyu beef is not to overcook it. You can use any method you like; frying it in a cast iron, preparing it on the grill, or even using the reverse seared method. Just be careful not to overcook the meat. It shouldn’t be well-done; it should be perfect. Cook your steak in a preheated skillet, preferably cast iron, on high heat. Use your fat of choice, and sear each side for three minutes if you want a rare finish or four minutes for a medium-rare finish. When it is done, always let the steak rest for a few minutes, ideally ten, so that the juices distribute evenly around the steak.  

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