7 Tips on How to Choose a Good Wine

It’s easy to choose a good wine in a restaurant because you’ll always get a recommendation from a sommelier or a wine specialist based on your preferences and your meal choice.   

But what about when you have to do it yourself? How to choose wine when you want to host a party or just enjoy a glass of wine at dinner? It can be overwhelming, especially if you enter a store and get hit with hundreds of options.   

We’ve prepared a quick wine for beginners’ guide, with great tips on choosing outstanding wine. You don’t have to be a sommelier to enjoy a glass of great wine.   

What Is Good Wine?  

First, we should talk about what is considered good wine. Before choosing wines, you should first know to be open-minded. If you are a beginner in the world of wine, it wouldn’t be good to stick only to one type, because to know what you like and don’t like; you need to try various types of wine. And once you know what’s great, it will be easy to choose one.   

The definition of good wine is not determined only by its price, packaging, or flavor of wine. It’s also determined by the occasion on which you’re going to drink it. So, good wine can be anything you like or a great wine with a dish you plan to eat. It’s all about you, your preferences, and your taste buds, so don’t be afraid to be subjective.   

How to Choose Wine  

Don’t worry; choosing wines will become easier with our tips, even if everything seems confusing now. And the next time you go wine shopping, you won’t be stressing out. 

Think About Other Drinks You Like 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know which wine you like to drink, because you probably know what other drinks you prefer. If you enjoy a cup of black coffee, you’ll love an acidic wine. If you can’t stand black coffee and always choose a latte, you should always get the wines from the New World, United States, South Africa, or Australia. If you enjoy an occasional sweet treat, you’ll want to choose a sweeter wine. Those that are fans of apple juice will be fans of sweet white wine, and if you prefer lemonade or grapefruit juice, you should try dry white wines.  

Wine for Beginners Is White or Rose 

Many will stay away from rose thinking it’s not a good wine, something too sweet, or only a party wine. But the rose is so much more than that and a great wine to start your wine journey. Sweeter white wines are also a good start and much better than bitter and drier ones. Even if you don’t like sweet wines, you should start with a rose or a white; just pick the ones on the drier side.  

Expensive Wines Are Not Your Only Choice 

Sure, an expensive wine could be good, but you don’t have to buy only those. There are many affordable options available that are still high-quality. A wine for beginners doesn’t have to be expensive. If it is on sale, it just means that it’s out of season and not bad quality. And if you want to buy an expensive one, be sure to pick the right flavor, or you’ll just end up wasting your money. If you don’t like dry red wines, the high price doesn’t mean you’ll like it more. So, always think about your preferences first, then the price tag. 

Bottles With Screw Caps Are a Good Option 

Many think they should avoid wine bottles with screw caps by all means, and sometimes it can be accurate, but it’s not something you should live by at all cost. A wine bottle with a screw cap can be an excellent choice for beginners. Depending on your occasion, be free to choose a bottle with a screw cap, especially if you are going on a picnic. 

Always Think About the Occasion 

We’ve mentioned picnic, but what about other occasions? Not every wine is perfect for every occasion and purpose. Choosing wines can be easy if you know for which occasion you need them.  

If you are having a party and you don’t know the wine preferences of your guests, always pick both white and red. But which ones? The best option is to choose the not too acidic or too sweet. With the moderate flavor of wine, something well balanced is always a perfect choice.  

If you need a good wine for cooking, always choose a dry wine; it’s the best option for that purpose.  

And if you want to pair wine with food, there are a few things you need to remember so you can do the perfect pairing.  

Easy Way to Pair Wine With Food 

Choosing a wine to pair with food is not easy when you don’t know the basics. But when you learn the basics, you’re going to be the one explaining to your friends the best way how to choose wine.   

If you plan a dinner with fish as a main course or something with citrus flavors, you must pair it with higher acidity wine. It’s because high acidity foods go great with high acidity wines. If you do it any other way, your dinner won’t be successful. 

A great rule to remember is that you should pair sweet and salty. So, if you are having dinner and serving something salty, pair it with a sweet wine. The sweetness of the wine will alleviate the saltiness of your main dish.  

One way to choose a good wine for your dinner is to pair it with food from the same region. To make it simple, if you plan to eat a traditional French dish or to prepare one, you should also drink French wine from the same region. Just pay attention to other characteristics of the food, like the saltiness, or acidity before pairing it to a specific wine.  

And the easiest way to pair food and wine is to choose white wine for light dishes, like fish and chicken. And when it comes to red wines, pair them with beef or lamb that are considered heavier dishes.  

Always Read the Label 

Reading the label can be tricky if you don’t know everything about the wine you’re looking for. And a wine label is not only about the design and showcasing the name of the wine and the winery. So how to choose wine according to the label? A bottle can have all the information you need most of the time. It should have details about the grapes, the region, and the flavor of wine. On the back, you should find details about the characteristics. You should find information about the sweetness, acidity, alcohol, tannin, and body. Another great way to know which one to get is if the label has a list of familiar aromas, like chocolate, apple, citrus, and many more. It means that the wine is similar in taste to those aromas, and if you like some of them, you’ll probably love the wine too.

We are sure that now you know the basics of this drink of Gods and that you’ll choose the right one for the next opportunity you have. And if you want to be sure about choosing the best wine, you are welcome to come to Stubborn Seed and experience wines from both the Old and New World. Remember to stay stubborn and not settle for less.