Best Dinner in Miami for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you don’t have an excuse not to take your dad out for dinner. This holiday is a perfect occasion to celebrate the bond you have with your father and say thanks for everything he did for you.  

Miami’s food scene is known for its outstanding restaurants and service. And if you are in or around the Miami area or plan to visit during the weekend, you’ll have the best time of your life. The only real problem is how to find the best dinner in Miami, as there are many iconic city spots.  

That’s why we made a list of the best locations you can visit to celebrate Father’s Day in Miami with your family.  


There’s an astonishing number of Italian restaurants, but none of them is as good as Mi’talia. You can choose from various classical Italian dishes with a modern twist and enjoy them in a welcoming and warm atmosphere. The place is a real gem that will make you love food even more.  

To feel the real potential of this restaurant and the virtuosity of the chefs, we recommend you start with Truffle salmon tartare with caviar and Chili mussels and continue with Orzo seafood scampi. You’ll not be disappointed, and you’ll be talking about this place to your friends pretty soon. And a pro tip is to always look for a table outside on the patio, as you’ll instantly be teleported to Italy’s coast. And don’t forget to order an Old Sicilian to sip while you wait for the food. 

Stubborn Seed 

One of Miami’s most prominent food spots and the whole Sunny state is Stubborn Seed, located in South Beach. The restaurant is run by the “Top Chef” winner, chef Jeremy Ford who gave his whole soul to creating a unique story and menu packed with creative and delicious dishes.  

We could recommend you try anything from the menu, and we wouldn’t be wrong, but we’ll propose you opt for a special Chef’s Tasting menu experience. You’ll be immersed in a two-hour dining experience with eight specially created courses. It’s an adventure you want to take, and it’s just the perfect thing for Father’s Day dinner.  

Public Square 

Another must-visit Miami food place is the Public Square restaurant, located in Coral Gables. This spot is the one you should visit for Father’s Day dinner if you crave a good piece of meat. And when we say a good piece of meat, we are not exaggerating anything, and we stand by our words. This is the best steakhouse you’ll find in the Miami area, but they also serve sushi and various seafood dishes. Choose whatever you like, but we can suggest trying their Picanha or Porterhouse cuts, as they are a perfect shareable option for you and your dad.  

Sexy Fish  

If you are visiting out of town and want to turn your Father’s Day in Miami into a memorable adventure and experience, you could go to Sexy Fish. It’s an extravagant spot with fantastic interiors and decorations out of this world. We can bet that you have never had a chance to see something like this in your life, and once you surrender yourself to their story, you’ll feel that you are in a real-life fairytale. And believe us, there is a lot to see. To start your evening on a good note, you should order a cocktail to enjoy while you browse the menu. The name itself tells you that the focus is on fish, so you should order starters such as caviar and oysters. But if you are not in the mood for it, other options are not seafood-based.  

Café La Trova 

One of the most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods in Miami is Little Havana, and it features many of the most beautiful restaurants this city has to offer. One of those is the Café La Trova taking inspiration from colorful Cuba. If you’ve never been to this island country, this place will teleport you there when you step your foot inside. Also, if you are a fan of Miami Vice, it will make you feel like you are part of the series set back in the ’80s.  

When it comes to food, you will be welcomed with classical dishes that will warm your soul, like empanadas, tasty Lechon, and arroz con pollo. Please don’t get fooled by the simplicity of the dishes, as they are more than complex in taste. And don’t forget to order a mojito; there’s no bar they make them better than here.  

Joe’s Stone Crab 

One of the iconic Miami food places is Joe’s Stone Crab, and you need to eat at Joe’s. They serve all of the classic seafood dishes from this area, like coconut shrimp and conch fritters, and their specialty is stone crab. However, we are talking about Father’s Day, which is in the middle of June, and the stone crab season ended almost two months prior, so you’re not ordering these. But don’t be sad, as they have other delicious dishes like king crab legs, other seafood options, and even steak. Don’t forget to make a reservation as they are most definitely going to be packed for Father’s Day weekend.  


An eclectic combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines makes this location one of the most interesting ones on the Miami food scene. The location itself is fabulous, but not in a flashy way. And besides the food, we included this place because it’s a great outdoor dining option. The menu is constantly changing, so you may come in for a surprise this Father’s Day dinner. But the things that always stay there are their citrusy ceviche, sashimi, and specialty maki rolls, so be sure to try those. And for the rest, ask for a recommendation when you are there.  

Sadelle’s Coconut Grove  

And for the end, we want to recommend you a venue that’s not in the category of best dinner in Miami, but it is excellent for brunch time. Because after that Father’s Day dinner, you will need to go out for brunch the next day to sum up the previous night. And here, you will be presented with the most delicious menu for that time of the day when you are hungry but are not ready to commit to lunch. And the food options are gorgeous; we are talking about smoked salmon, sable, and sturgeon that you can use to make your desired bagel. And don’t miss out on the latkes with caviar; they are amazing. 


We’ve come to the end of our list, and we think that we painted a pretty good picture of the food scene in the most exciting city in the Sunshine state. Be sure to visit the places high on the list, and the rest of them you can use for the next year, some other special occasion, or the next time you are visiting Miami.