Best Restaurants To Try For Miami Spice 2022

Sometimes food is just a means to get us through the day and a type of fuel that gets us going. However, food is much more than that, especially if it’s an excellent delicacy prepared by top-class chefs. And if you never thought about cooking as a form of art, you probably never had a chance to experience authentic fine dining. If that is the case, now is the right time to change that. 

You are lucky, as Miami Spice is just around the corner; you will have a chance to visit some of the best restaurants in Miami and spoil your palate with the most delicious food. And what’s best about it is that you’ll be able to do it with a special offer and you won’t have to splurge. You should also know that fine dining in Miami is something special. 

And if you are wondering what this event is and what are Miami Spice restaurants, we have your back. Prepare yourself to enjoy the end of summer as you deserve it.

What Are Miami Spice Restaurants?

This is an event that lasts for two months, August and September, during which you can visit some of the best food spots in the city and try their dishes for a special price. 

The idea behind this event was to give something new to the people and attract tourists to the city during its low summer seasons. The years passed, the number of visitors rose, and even the summer months started to feel alive despite the warm and humid weather. But because Miami Spice was so popular among tourists and especially the locals, the tradition survived for more than 20 years. 

During the event, you can visit restaurants you might not have a chance to visit and dine there, choosing between their menus that go from $28 to $60. And it’s a great chance to try fine dining in Miami if you have never done it before, as some of the most prestigious places are participating. 

So, let’s jump right into the list of the best places to eat in Miami. 

Abbale Telavivian Kitchen

The place: Located in South Beach, this Telavivian restaurant will teleport you to Israel while trying their specific and tasty meals. 

Why you should visit it: The simple answer to our question here is because of the excellent food they make. Here, the authentic Israeli food meets Miami Spice vibes while sipping Israeli wine. The atmosphere is exceptional, and you will feel like you are in a movie while sitting in their charming garden. It is a family-owned restaurant which is always a plus for us.            

What to eat: When it comes to food, you won’t go wrong with anything you choose, but we recommend you try their fluffy bread with special spicy tahini made with harissa. Falafels are a must, and they are with authentic ingredients. Also, their fire-roasted matbucha is to die for. Or if you are in the mood for fish, they have fresh daily catch every day. For Miami Spice, they offer a $28 lunch menu and a $45 and $60 dinner menu. You must try Peach and Halloumi and Sumac Chicken Shashlik, or if you like to share, order the Whole Fire Roasted Branzino. And don’t forget to try their Tahini Ice Cream. 

Stubborn Seed

The place: Stubborn Seed is a new proud owner of one Michelin star, and it was featured in the first Michelin guide for Florida. 

Why you should visit it: You should visit this spot if you are a true lover of food and want to be part of the fine dining in Miami finally. But don’t get scared; this place is full of life; it’s everything but sterile, and you will feel welcomed and at home once you step your foot inside. The chef Jeremy Ford is a promising young chef that managed to incorporate his love for food and make room for unapologetic cooking. He is a true master and an artist in the kitchen, and in his dishes, he manages to make a perfect blend of traditional American cuisine and international flare. Unconventionally, he manages to stay stubborn, and he never settles for less. 

What to eat: Whichever dish you choose, you won’t regret it. However, you must try their Gooey Jalapeno Fritters and Cacio e Pepe Cheesy Puff to start the evening. And we must add that their Wagyu is out of this world. 

Root and Bone

The place: Root & Bone is a restaurant with traditional and delicious food that’s prepared for you by chefs Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis.

Why you should visit it: If you want to let yourself enjoy delicious meals without feeling guilty, you need to visit Root & Bone. The place is run by two chefs that always believed that food is something that brings people together. Both celebrate food and life, so you know you are in good hands. Here you’ll be able to eat simple food that everybody loves. Here you’ll experience the true essence of southern hospitality and its food.

What to eat: During Miami Spice, Root & Bone offers a lunch menu for $28 and a dinner menu for $42. If you decide to go out for lunch, we recommend you start with Grandma Daisy’s Angel Biscuits, continue with a Root & Bone Burger, and finish with Key Lime Pie made with local Key Lime. And if you like to go out more during dinnertime, start your evening with Drunken Deviled Eggs, followed with Watermelon & Farmer Cheese Salad, and Fried Chicken Brined in Sweet Tea & Waffles. And top everything off with Pecan Cotta made with blackberry bourbon compote. All accompanied by a glass of house wine or a beer.

Glass & Vine

The place: Glass & Vine is the most beautiful in Peacock Park, surrounded by stunning nature, and it’s one of the best places to eat in Miami.

Why you should visit it: Glass & Vine is where you go when you want to relax and forget the everyday nonsense and possible troubles that have been stressing you out during the work week. It’s located by the sea, so the salty air will cure all your worries, and the garden full of nature will make you want to come there every day after work to chill. And of course, eat incredible food prepared only with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. It is up to you if you want to visit it alone, but remember that everything is always better shared with your loved ones.

What to eat: Glass & Vine is one of the best restaurants in Miami. It will be hard to choose what to eat because everything is outrageously good. But during Miami Spice, choosing the perfect dish is simplified as you have specially curated menus. For lunch, you can enjoy a $28 menu with Croquetas, Black Truffle Gnocchi, and Mile High Chocolate Cake, but there are also other options. And for dinner, you can have a $45 menu featuring Watermelon Salad with cotija cheese, Brick Roasted Chicken or Local Snapper, and a decadent chocolate cake with strawberries. 

We hope that you will manage to visit all of these places and enjoy their delicious foods and spectacular atmosphere. Be sure to get the most out of August and September and spend the end of your summer the right way.