Getting to Know Jeremy Ford – Chef of Stubborn Seed

The Sunshine State is known for its excellent restaurants and fantastic food scene, and some of the best are located in the Miami area. You can find numerous excellent food spots to satisfy any craving you have.   

And if you want to enjoy some classic but elevated dishes, you must visit Stubborn Seed in Miami Beach, Florida. It’s a fantastic place where you will feel like you are at home, but you’ll also be able to experience fine-dining at its full potential. And that wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic Jeremy Ford, chef of the Stubborn Seed restaurant.   

If you want to know more about our restaurant, what it represents, who Jeremy Ford is, how he runs this fine establishment, and much more exciting information, you need to continue reading.  

Stubborn Seed Restaurant   

Stubborn Seed is more than just a restaurant. It is Jeremy Ford’s vision that he managed to make real with his unapologetic approach. The name itself tells you the concept of the place and how the chef sees the food. It also sends you a message that you should always be stubborn about food and never settle for less. Always strive for the best quality and most delicious dishes, just like Jeremy Ford doesn’t settle with average when planning and making food.  

There are many reasons why you should visit Stubborn Seed restaurant and try their incredible offer. But the main one is because they make elegant dishes with attitude and serve them in a setting that vibrates with positive energy.   

Jerremy Ford – The Chef   

The true star of the Stubborn Seed is Jeremy Ford, and without him, there wouldn’t be this place. He is a native of the Sunshine State, originally from Jacksonville. He started his cooking career very early but fell in love with everything food-related when he met his maternal grandmother at the age of 14.  

Ford started working at his first job when he was 16 as Garde Manger at Matthews, a four-diamond Mediterranean style restaurant. There he made his first baby steps to being the great chef he is now. These steps included mincing vegetables and learning knife skills.   

Once he unlocked a new set of skills, he decided it was time to move on to a different location, and a bright idea came up to his mind. Jeremy was on his way to LA one year after he started working at Matthews. In the city of angels, he started working at L’Orangerie. The experience there was something that shaped him a lot, as he was working in a French kitchen without understanding and being able to speak a word of the language. There he worked under Christophe Eme, the Executive Chef’s mentorship, where he learned a lot. You can say that it was better that he didn’t know French, as he was able to learn by observing the way everyone worked and what they did, especially the way they filleted the fish with extra care. The knowledge he gathered from L’Orangerie shaped how he thinks, works, and handles fine ingredients and paved his way to becoming a fine-dining chef.   

Later he worked at Patina with Master Chef Joachim Splichal, and after that, he secured his position as an Executive Chef at the prestigious Matador Room by Jean-Georges.   

Jeremy Ford – Top Chef   

Ford participated in the 13th season of the Top Chef, and he won. He showed his real potential throughout the competition and made incredible meals. The show was fun to watch, and every episode was tense. And the finale was super exciting when finalists were tasked to cook a meal that would highlight one particular ingredient they love to use for every course.   

The task wasn’t easy, and the two finalists got assistants from sous chefs and their mentors. Jeremy was lucky to receive help from no other than Jean-Georges Vongerichten from Matador. However, he didn’t need luck because his knowledge and commitment secured him the victory.   

The two contestants had to serve the four-course meal to a large group at a Colicchio’s restaurant, Craft.  

The victory opened many doors for Ford and gave him additional opportunities to grow as a chef and direct his career in a new direction.   

Jeremy Ford as a Show Host 

One of the doors that has opened was truTV’s doors. Alongside Kristen Kish and Justin Sutherland, Jeremy hosts a great show called Fast Foodies. The show is incredible as you can see acclaimed fine-dining chefs in a much-relaxed ambient and atmosphere as they try to prepare food using their skills differently.  

The show’s concept and idea are that the hosts meet with a new celebrity each new episode, and they learn about the guest’s favorite fast food. With this information, they need to replicate the dish in one round, while in the next one, they make a twist with the dish to make it more authentic to their cooking style. In every episode guest ultimately picks a winner based on what he thinks was the best meal. As there are two rounds, the guest first picks the winner of the first round, which gives the winner an advantage as he can give a strange ingredient to other chefs that they must use in the final round. 

The show is fun and light, and we get to see the chefs in an entirely new light, which is incredible when you think about how Ford is dedicated to fine-dining and precision. Having a chance to see him work and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere preparing fast food dishes is impressive and an excellent chance for people to get to know him.  

If you never heard about this show or didn’t have an opportunity to watch it, we strongly recommend you do it. Jeremy is fabulous, and his co-hosts are also incredible and worth watching. You will be in for a treat, especially if you love food-related TV shows.  

Visit Stubborn Seed Restaurant 

Now you finally know a little more about Jeremy and how he manages to run this restaurant. If you feel intrigued by his story and would like to experience what Stubborn Seed offers, we want to invite you to visit us. If you are a fan of good food, quality ingredients, and fantastic wines or cocktails, you won’t be disappointed. 

Remember always to stay stubborn when it comes to food and things that matter to you in life. So, don’t hesitate to call us today and book your reservation for an incredible journey in the land of fine dining. And don’t forget to order the dessert, it’s worth it.