History Of The Negroni Cocktail

Who doesn’t like a good cocktail? We sure do, and we are proud to say that we make the best cocktails in Miami. But enough about us, let’s talk about one of the best cocktails in the world, the ultimate old-school Negroni drink. 

It’s a fantastic drink invented as an aperitif you drink before a meal to stimulate your appetite. It’s undoubtedly become an iconic drink and isn’t without reason. But as the years went by and people got introduced to the Negroni, it became so popular that many started drinking it just for its taste. 

The perfect ratio of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari bitters makes a flawless Negroni drink. And don’t forget the orange peel. 

There’s a lot to say about this cocktail and the history of the Negroni, so if you are in the mood for a little mixology history lesson, you are in the right place. 

Negroni Cocktail History

There’s an interesting story behind the history of the Negroni, and it dates back to the 19th century. There are many versions of the story of how and when the drink was invented, but we believe that the story we will tell you in a bit is the real one. 

Back in the days in Italy, around the 1860s, it was unimaginable to have a meal without one or two aperitifs before it. The negroni drink became one of the most popular aperitifs almost instantly, and it was invented almost by accident by making a twist with a different cocktail. 

During the 1860s in Milano, a cocktail similar to the Negroni was called Americano. The cocktail was made with vermouth and Campari bitters, but Americans liked it to be topped with soda water, and from that, it got its name. The drink was finished with a slice of lemon, which was almost perfect. 

The years passed by, and people enjoyed their Americanos. And in the year 1919, count Camillo Negroni came to Caffe Casoni in Florence and ordered an Americano with a twist. He wanted to switch the soda in the cocktail with a little bit of gin. The bartender loved his idea and immediately made the new drink and finished it with an orange slice instead of a lemon one. 

In this brief history of the Negroni, it is essential to acknowledge that the bartender’s name was Frasco Scarselli, which made this new beverage even more popular than its predecessor. He, alongside his family, even managed to do a business out of it with the help of the incredible popularity of the new cocktail. Of course, the cocktail got its name after the count Camillo Negroni. 

The same year this iconic drink was invented, the Negroni Distillery was opened in Treviso, Italy. The distillery made a bottled version of the cocktail and was very successful. They named the drink Antico Negroni, and they still produce it today. 

Do you agree with us that the Negroni cocktail history is super fascinating? But what about today’s version of the drink?

New Age Negroni Drink

1919 was more than 100 years ago, so some things have changed naturally. But one thing that didn’t change is people’s love for a simple Negroni. And we believe that not a lot of people will ask a question about what is Negroni. As it’s still being served as an aperitif while also being known as a fun beverage, you can drink it on any occasion. 

Today bartenders still proudly serve the classical one, but there are also so many tasty new variations. Many bartenders gave their unique touch and twist to a classical drink; with that, they’ve changed the Negroni cocktail history.

How to Make an Amazing Negroni

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to make an excellent Negroni by yourself. And if you want to try yourself as a bartender. We will share our secrets to a perfect Negroni, and you’ll be able to whip it up quickly any time you start craving one. 

It’s a pretty simple cocktail, which may be why it is so popular. You only need four ingredients, and the process of making it is pretty straightforward. And once you master the classical one, you can play along with other ingredients and garnishes and make up your version of this iconic drink. 

Our advice is always to buy quality ingredients and avoid cheap drinks. That way, you’ll always have a tasty cocktail, and there’s almost no chance it won’t be good. Also, when you drink a cocktail with good-quality ingredients, there’s almost no chance you’ll experience an awful hangover. And once you invest in the three alcoholic beverages that go into the Negroni drink, they will last you for a long time.

And if you buy the first things you come across and something cheap, you risk drinking something that doesn’t taste good and doesn’t taste like a Negroni drink. The flavors in a cocktail must be blended to perfection, so the quality of the drinks must be superior. 

The Ingredients You’ll Need:

A good thing about this specific concoction is that you don’t need special equipment. Many people avoid trying to make cocktails at home, as some require you to have a few unique pieces of equipment. And in most cases, the equipment is pricey. However, luckily for you, in this case, you’ll only need two glasses and a spoon. And we believe that you already have that in your kitchen. 

The Recipe:

  • 20 ml gin 
  • 20 ml sweet vermouth 
  • 20 ml Campari bitters 
  • 1 orange peel

Another good thing about this mix is that you’ll use equal parts of all the ingredients, so it’s easy to remember, and once you make it, you’ll never recheck the recipe. 

In a bigger glass, you should mix equal parts of the gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari bitters. Once you do that, you should add a few ice cubes and stir the mix with a spoon until it’s chilled enough. 

Prepare an elegant rocks glass for a great experience, and strain the mix. And for the end, top the drink with an orange peel. 

Besides knowing the Negroni cocktail history and what is Negroni, now you also know how to make a perfect one whenever you crave it. You can also let your creativity loose, add other ingredients and garnishes, and explore the various opportunities.

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