Must Try Michelin Guide Culinary Experiences In Miami

For restaurant Chefs, one of the most significant accomplishments is to receive a Michelin star or two (preferably three) and work at Michelin restaurants. And an even greater accomplishment for them is to keep the star(s) every following year.

A new Michelin guide, which every foodie follows like a Bible, is published annually. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a guide for Florida up until last year. 

Fifteen restaurants were presented in the new Florida Michelin star guide.

If you are interested in learning more about Michelin restaurants, why they are so unique, and which Michelin-star restaurants in Miami you should visit, keep reading.

The History of the Famous Michelin Star Guide 

The Michelin tire company was struggling at one point because, back in the day, during the 1880s, people weren’t driving their cars much. So, someone brilliant got an even more brilliant idea. They’ve devised a plan to make a guide that will feature maps of France with places where you could rest and eat and little tips every traveler needs. It was all done to encourage more people to go on road trips. 

Many years passed, and the Michelin brothers recognized that the part of the guide featuring restaurants started to get famous. So, they’ve assembled a group of inspectors to visit and provide anonymous restaurant reviews. 

And today they have guides for places all over the world.

The Michelin Guide Miami

Two Michelin Star Restaurant in Miami

According to the guide, a two-star restaurant will provide excellent cooking, and it’s worth a detour.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Miami’s only restaurant to receive two stars is L’Atelier de Jol Robuchon in the Design District. L’Atelier honors the late Chef Jol Robuchon’s culinary philosophy by showcasing the finest artistry in even the most straightforward meals. The restaurant’s characteristic counter seating gives customers an exclusive culinary experience. The restaurant offers two menus, but the guide suggests their seasonal prix fixe is the best choice.

One Michelin Star Restaurant in Miami

A restaurant with one star is considered an excellent restaurant in its category, worth a visit. And here, we will share the one-star Michelin guide for Miami.

Boia De

Boia De’s chefs, Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer, have designed a unique and impressive menu specializing in modern Italian cuisine that Michelin star guide inspectors loved. They offer pasta delicacies and many other distinctive Italian-inspired dishes that you’ll fall in love with immediately. The restaurant is also unique as it has only 30 seats, so it’s always better to reserve your table in advance.


One of the best Michelin-star restaurants in Miami, Ariete in Coconut Grove, run by Chef Michael Beltran, is well-known for its mouthwatering signature French-inspired dishes and bold, constantly evolving menu. There are just four eateries in the United States serving what is usually known as Canard à la Presse in France, or pressed duck, and Ariete is one of them. The Rohan Duck is delicately coated with guarapo (sugarcane juice) and local honey after being dry-aged for 14 days. This experience, which takes place at the guest’s table, took months for Chef and Owner Michael Beltran and his crew to create.

Stubborn Seed

One of the most exciting places where you will feel welcomed, the Stubborn Seed restaurant has found its place in the Michelin star guide. This Michelin restaurant is a tasting menu-only establishment with an a la carte menu available at the bar. If you decide to snack a few bites at a bar, try their Beau Soleil Oysters or Salty, Smoky Stubborn Snacks. Also, the Belle & Evans Truffle Chicken with Crunchy Truffle Bravas is a fantastic option if you are feeling hungry. And if you want an extraordinary culinary experience, you need to book a reservation and try their Chef’s tasting menu. Also, remember to order a cocktail or two, as they have an exquisite cocktail list. U-Miami and Negroni A La Ford are our favorites.

Cote Miami

Cote Miami is the ideal fusion of a Korean barbecue joint and an American restaurant in the Miami Design District. The restaurant’s trademark is the Butcher’s Feast, which has four chef-selected cuts of beef. Even the Michelin star guide says that the Butcher’s Feast is the best choice if it’s your first visit. 

Elcielo Restaurant

The Elcielo Restaurant in the Brickell district, led by chef Juan Manuel Barrientos is a beautiful place where the old meets the new. The chef serves a memorable culinary experience inspired by his Colombian roots. The menu is mostly pescatarian, and all the dishes have a contemporary twist. Something that makes this place exceptional and different from others is the presentation of the food.

The Den at Azabu Miami Beach

Another sushi heaven is featured in the Michelin guide Miami called The Den. The most exciting part about The Den at Azabu is that it’s not a place you can see right away from the street. It is concealed at the Marriott Stanton hotel. The ingredients used here and the fish are of the highest quality, and most importantly, they are as fresh as possible. If you want a genuine omakase experience, you should visit this place. 

Le Jardinier

The Michelin Guide praises the contemporary French cuisine of Le Jardinier, owned and operated by chef Alain Verzeroli. The cuisine focuses primarily on the best vegetables, seasonal delicacies, and fresh herbs. However, they also offer sustainable fish, chicken, and beef options. The atmosphere here is marvelous and gives us some retro-glam, forgotten-era vibes.


Today many things are flashy and in your face, and we often forget how mysterious things can be interesting. Hidden is here to remind us about that. This place is hidden beneath a taco vendor and only accessible with a limited-time passcode, and it only can accommodate eight guests. The omakase restaurant honors its Japanese heritage by serving food prepared with premium ingredients, many of which are imported directly from Japan. The Chef’s tasting menu features eight to ten dishes. You’ll be able to eat various sushi and other dishes, including dessert. The menu is modified regularly to reflect seasonal ingredients’ availability changes.

Los Félix

Those fond of Mexican cuisine will be happy to hear a fabulous restaurant on the Michelin guide Miami list serves refined Mexican dishes inspired by the Mesoamerican heritage and prepared with only the best-quality organic food. This restaurant in the Coconut Groove is a lively place where you can go if you want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere and eat good food. Their wine selection highlights wines from the Americas and offers bottles from small, family-owned businesses. 

They have a dinner and a brunch menu, and if you choose their Al Pastor Tacos or Pork Cheek Carnitas, you will be amazed.

The Surf Club Restaurant

This historic property is filled with old-school magnificence, but it also feels homey. Chef Thomas Keller oversees The Surf Club Restaurant, which is situated in the Four Seasons Hotel and serves up traditional Continental fare for the contemporary diner. The Michelin guide suggests you try their Maine lobster or scallops with a buttermilk-basil dressing. But whatever you try, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to pair the food with a bottle of high-quality wine, as the wine list at the Surf Club is rather abundant.

Hit the Road

We hope you are feeling inspired to visit some of the best restaurants Miami has to offer. And we would like to invite you to visit Stubborn Seed and try our tasting menu. Call us today and book your reservation!