Pinot Noir: How to Pair It and When to Serve It

One of the world’s most versatile grape and wine types is Pinot noir, and you’ve probably had the chance to try it, and there’s even a possibility you didn’t like it. However, you shouldn’t give up on it, as it has incredible potential if you know how to serve it and what food to pair it with, whatever cravings you have.  

If you want to get the knowledge of a true wine connoisseur, you should keep reading this article, as we will talk more about the tricks you can use when serving Pinot noir and how to pair it with delicious food.  

We will also answer the most asked questions like is Pinot noir red or white, should Pinot noir be chilled, and a few more interesting ones. 

What Is Pinot Noir and Its Origins  

Pinot noir is the name used both for the grape type and the wine made out of them. It’s one of the most typical ones you can find on shelves across the globe, but its availability doesn’t mean it’s an average drink.   

These grapes are used for the production of four types of wine that you can enjoy and those are red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine. And to immediately answer the age-old question, is Pinot noir red or white? It can be both.   

The grape itself is red or “black,” which explains the name noir. However, the adaptability of this grape type allows the winemaker to make not only red wine but also white and rosé. And it’s also the grape that’s often used for blending with other grape types when making drinks like Champagne.  

The first mention of this grape and wine type dates back to the 14th century, when French monks started cultivating it and making fermented grape juice. It soon became a favorite of many, and it started its journey across the world. It quickly conquered many’s hearts and taste buds due to its complexity, pure texture, intricate aromas, and incredible overall taste.   

This drink of the Gods is a dry and light-bodied type of wine with higher acidity. It has lower tannins, so it’s not bitter, and anybody can drink it effortlessly, even those who are not the biggest fans of drier alcoholic beverages.   

The Pinot Noir Taste Characteristics 

The main characteristic of this variety is its lower tannin levels that create a fresh and specific Pinot noir taste.  

Besides that, there are many aromas you can experience from a good bottle. The final Pinot noir taste depends on various factors, such as the type of wine, location, and condition in which grapes were grown.  

You’ll love a glass of it if you enjoy the aroma of various berries like raspberries, strawberries, cherries, or blackberries. Be prepared to feel some specific notes such as clove and cinnamon that form the spicy character, and even some smoky notes that resemble tobacco. Some types may have a distinctive earthy feel that’s inviting and warm.  

Where Is This Type of Grapes Grown? 

As we mentioned, the first wine grapes of Pinot noir were found in France, but the popularity of the wine made its production possible all over the world.  

Pinot noir from the Old World comes from the Burgundy region in France, but it’s also grown in Italy, Austria, and Germany. It has a different name in the other countries as France is the only country that can legally grow it and call it by this name.  

In the other regions of the New World, you can find this grape type growing in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. And the wines from these countries are outstanding.  

In the U.S., you can also find vineyards full of this grape type in the Russian River Valley, the regions of Sonoma, and the Central Coast in California. But also in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. 

These regions are famous for producing this type of wine because the climate is perfect for growing these delicate grapes, as it needs to be dry and warm.  

How to Serve Pinot Noir?  

One of the questions that many seek answers to is should Pinot noir be chilled and how you should serve it. And the straightforward answer is yes, it should be chilled. But it would be best if you didn’t keep it in the freezer or chill it until it’s freezing. The best temperature to serve it is about 55°F.  

When it comes to decanting, you should always avoid it, as this type of wine should be served directly from the bottle. Otherwise, you will ruin the taste and its uniqueness.  

Serving Pinot noir in the right glass is an essential step in immersing in the full potential of the experience. You’ll taste the full aroma if you serve it in large, bell-shaped glasses.   

Pairing Pinot Noir with Food  

Any type of wine is best enjoyed alongside food. One of the best qualities of Pinot noir is that its versatility allows you to pair it with various foods and dishes.   

Pinot noir, with its taste, can be paired with lighter dishes like broiled fish and grilled chicken and heavy stews made with wild mushrooms and richer red meats like filet mignon or a classic steak. It is a beverage you can drink on any occasion; it’s great for casual gatherings and official dinners.   

If you organize a casual party, you can serve Pinot noir with a charcuterie board filled with ham, prosciutto, gruyere, brie, and goat cheese. It also goes perfectly with vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, green beans, and peas, especially when grilling them. And you’ll never go wrong with serving it with any kind of roasted or grilled meat. 

The red ones make a tasty pairing with heavy dishes of red meats, mushrooms, and root vegetables. In contrast, white ones and rosé go great with fish dishes, chicken, and pasta.  

Final Words About Pinot Noir 

We hope you learned more about this outstanding wine and that this article was helpful. The next time you come across this type of fermented grape juice, you know what to expect, but not only that, you know how you should serve it and what to pair it with any time. You’ll be in for a treat no matter what type you decide to drink, red, white, or rosé.   

You should remember that this is the most versatile wine out there, and because of it, it’s always an excellent option to bring as a gift or as a crowd-pleaser if you are organizing any kind of gathering.   

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