Rosé Wine: What Is It, How Its Made and What It Pairs Well With

If you are not drinking rosé wine, you are missing out a lot. A good rose can make your day better, refresh you on a hot day, and make you feel better.   

If you don’t drink it because you are not familiar with it or don’t think it’s good enough like other wines, we are here to change your mind.   

Many will say that rose is a dull, overly sweet wine good enough only for parties. They will say that not even a good rose will taste good paired with food. But don’t listen to comments like that, because it can offer you a lot. 

We’ll explain to you what is rose, how is rose made, and we’ll do our best to recommend some perfect rose pairings. Because, is there anything better than good wine and good food? We can’t think of anything.   

What Is Rosé?   

Rosé is a genre of wine, and it can be produced from any red grape. Rosé wine gained popularity only a few years ago in the States, but it was present and loved in Europe for centuries.   

It can be cultivated in any wine region, and it’s usually a blend of various grapes. However, in California, rosé wine is made out of one variety of grapes: pinot noir.   

Now you know what is rosé—a beautiful pink wine made out of red grapes that’s been around for centuries.   

How Is Rosé Made?   

How is rose made is a good question. It’s produced similarly to red wine. The specific pink color is gained by cutting short the fermentation process with grape skins.   

When winemakers make red wine, they let the grapes’ juice and skin mix for a specific time. When they make rose wine, they let the grape skin sit in the juice for only a few hours, and that’s how they achieve that pretty, pale pink color.   

The different shades of pink come from when the grape skin was fermenting with grape juice. The longer it was in, the darker the rosé wine was.   

Now you know the simplified version of how a rose is made.   

How Does Rosé Wine Taste?   

The taste of rosé wine is perfect for warm summer days because it’s refreshing. The taste is bright, fresh, crisp, and fruity. The flavor will depend on the grapes used when making the wine.   

And no, not all rosé wines are sweet. There are many different rosé wines; some are sweet, while others are dry.   

Rosé wines produced in the United States are typically sweeter and have a specific fruity aroma. In contrast, wines produced in Europe are often very dry.  

How to Serve Rose  

Different temperatures are suitable for different wines. And for rose wine, the best temperature is around 40 degrees. You’ll achieve the perfect temperature if you place the bottle of rosé in the fridge and keep it there for a few hours before serving. It’s also good to keep the rosé in an ice bucket once it is out of the fridge, especially if the temperature outside is hot.   

In Which Glass to Serve Rose 

Due to its popularity in the past few years, the rose became the first choice for parties and casual gatherings. It’s great for celebrations, chill nights, and picnics in the park. And because of that, a glass in which you serve rose should be practical. Some say that a rose has to be served in a smaller wine glass similar to Champagne glasses. But you can serve it in any glass, as long as you have fun drinking it.  

Which Good Rose You Should Try  

There are many different types of good rose wine, and the one you’ll like the most depends on your preferences; do you like sweeter or dryer wines.   

If you are new to rosé wine, we recommend trying a dry wine first. And here are some wines we would recommend you to try:  

  • Pinot Noir  
  • Mourvèdre  
  • Grenache  
  • Sangiovese  
  • Syrah  
  • Carignan  

If you like sweeter ones, these are considered to be good rose wines:   

  • Pink Moscato  
  • White Zinfandel  
  • White Merlot  

Excellent Rose Pairings 

Now when you know what is rosé, and how it is made, it’s time for some rose pairings. A good rose can be perfectly paired with food. Its refreshing notes go well with almost everything. It’s great for outdoor events, and it’s even perfect for picnics. Because it’s made out of red grapes, but its taste is often mixed with white wine, a good rose can be paired with any dish, from vegetarian to meat-heavy. And for that reason, it’s not difficult at all to pair it with food.  

Here’s some guidance on how to do rose pairings like a professional: 

  • Dry rose is best paired with pasta, seafood, grilled fish, risotto, and salads.  
  • Medium-dry rose can be paired with anything, but you should try it with desserts.  
  • Medium-bodied rose is best paired with dishes that have amplified unique flavors like saffron, anchovies, garlic, and olives. Try pairing it with any Mediterranean dish.  
  • A fruity rose typical for California is best served with meaty dishes, soft cheeses, or seared salmon and tuna.  
  • Sparkling rose is the best casual drink you can pick for a party, and it’s best paired with a dessert, especially ones that have fruit in them.  

Dishes You Should Pair With Rosé Wine 

To make it easy for you, we’re going to give you some ideas about which specific dishes you’ll want to try the next time you drink rose.  

Party Appetizers 

  • Bruschetta with anchovies 
  • Fried olives with brie cheese 
  • Hummus with crispy chickpeas 
  • Melon wrapped with prosciutto 
  • Salad with grilled peaches 

Main Dishes 

  • Pizza 
  • Risotto 
  • Onion quiche 
  • Lobster 
  • Crab 
  • Paella with mussels 
  • Couscous with grilled vegetables 
  • Seared salmon 
  • Seared tuna 
  • Fried fish  
  • Grilled fish 

Remember that this wine is excellent for summer days. So, it will always pair well with a dish from a warm-climate cuisine. Try and pair it with Mediterranean cuisines, like Greek or French. It goes perfectly with Italian cuisine, but also Mexican.  

And don’t let other people tell you that this wine is not good enough, like red or white wine. It’s fresh, it’s light, and that’s everything that you want from a casual wine.  

Rose that has been around for centuries, is not just a dull, overly sweet wine. It can offer you versatility and rich flavor, and you can choose whether you want to enjoy it on the sweeter or dryer side.  

Drink it alone to refresh yourself, or pair it with tasty food; the choice is yours. Whatever you do, you won’t regret it.  

There are many ways you can enjoy a good glass of wine, and the best ones are in a pleasant atmosphere, and with great food. If you want to experience that, don’t hesitate and call us to book a reservation at Stubborn Seed. We have a great selection of wine, both from the Old and the New World. Come, and let’s be stubborn together.