Soppressata What is it and How to Enjoy It

Have you ever heard about soppressata? Or have you had the luck to try it? If you heard about it but never tried, you’ll want to have a taste after reading what we have to say about it. And if you did try it, you know how good it is, but stick around because we have some excellent ideas how you can combine and enjoy it.   

First of all, you’ll learn what soppressata is, how to use salami, store salami, and some other tips and tricks.  

What Is Soppressata?  

Soppressata is a type of Italian salami. It is a specialty of the Italian region of Calabria, but it is loved all over the world. There are also many variants of this salami in other parts of Italy, and all of them are tasty.   

The soppressata salami is made with fatty cuts of pork shoulder and leaner cuts of the ham.   

Depending on the part of Italy where the salami is made, different spices are used. In the south, they use only dried chili pepper, while in the north, they use a lot of other spices. Some are garlic, black peppercorn, clove, and even cinnamon.  

It has a specific taste, it’s spicy but sweet, and it’s always mouth-watering.  

How It’s Made  

Soppressata is a dried and fermented sausage, and it is a mix of fat and lean cuts of pork. It is heavily seasoned with salt, black peppercorns, chili peppers, other spices, and red wine.   

Yes, this unique spicy soppressata is made with red wine that gives it a specific flavor and depth. Don’t be afraid of all the peppercorns and chilis; it’s not that hot; it’s just the right amount of spicy. It also has a unique bright color from red to dark purple.   

The final taste depends on the recipe and the region where the soppressata salami is made. 

The mixture of pork and spices is stuffed into casings later pressed between weights for a few days. That’s how the salami gets its shape. Afterward, it is hung to dry and cure for a period of two to six months.   

Now you know what soppressata is and how it is made.   

How to Store Salami   

Soppressata salami is traditionally stored in jars filled with olive oil, but today that’s not the case. Once you slice your soppressata salami, you need to store it in the fridge. And to be sure that the salami won’t dry out, you should wrap it in parchment paper. It will remain fresh for an extended period, but we believe that you’ll eat it before it even starts to dry out. Now you also know how to store salami.  

How to Use Salami 

Now you need to know how to use salami, and with soppressata, there are many ways you can use it. Spicy soppressata is phenomenal on a pizza or eaten with focaccia. If you put it in a sandwich, you won’t be wrong. And for the best party experience, you need to put it on your charcuterie board, with different semi-aged or semi-soft cheeses and crackers. You can always eat it alone or put it in pasta. The options are endless. 

Now that you know the essentials of this Italian salami, you must include it in your next grocery list.   

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