Stubborn Seed: New Michelin Star Restaurant In Miami Beach, Florida

Miami is known for many beautiful things: great weather, fantastic beaches, parties, and of course, good food. In the last few years, the city has gained an even better reputation regarding food, and slowly this city is becoming one of the best culinary cities in the U.S. Many renowned and remarkable chefs are moving and opening restaurants in Miami. 

And the Michelin guide of Florida is proof of the change this city’s culinary scene is experiencing. Today there are many Michelin star restaurants in Florida, and a few of them are in Miami. And one of them is the impeccable Stubborn Seed. And if you want to learn more about this Michelin star restaurant in Miami Beach, keep reading this article.

What is a Michelin Guide?

When you hear the name Michelin what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the chubby mascot of the famous tire company or the prestigious restaurant guide? It doesn’t matter which of these things first comes to your mind because they are interconnected. 

And if you want to know how a tire company can have something to do with the world of restaurants and good food, we can help you with that. 

The famous French tire company Michelin started releasing guidebooks about restaurants in 1900 because they devised an excellent business strategy. So, here’s a little history class for you. 

Back in 1900, the Michelin Company wanted to find a way to expand their business, and they came up with an idea to publish a guide for French motorists. This way, they will increase the demand for cars, which was low then, and increase the demand for car tires they were producing.  

The first guide had helpful information for anyone on the road; it had maps and instructions that could help you replace or repair your tires, and it also had listings of car mechanics, hotels, and petrol stations all over France. People loved the guide as it was beneficial and, after all, free. 

After four years, the company started publishing guides for others countries such as Belgium, Tunisia, Algeria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. 

After World War I, many changes happened to the guide, and one of the most important ones was the addition of the restaurant section. The people loved the section that featured restaurants, so the company decided to hire an inspector that would go and visit restaurants to review them before they put them in the guide. The inspectors were always anonymous and have stayed like that up until today. 

In 1926 another change happened, and the guide started giving stars to dining establishments. At first, it was only one star, but after a few years, the criteria for the three-star ranking were established. 

  • One star describes an excellent restaurant in its distinctive category. 
  • Two stars represent outstanding cooking; worth a try. 
  • Three stars: superb cuisine, very well worth trying. 

As years passed, Michelin’s guide gained respect and was known as a reputable source for food-related recommendations. The professionalism of Michelin guides can be seen in the fact that their inspectors are anonymous and instructed not to disclose their work to anyone, not even their friends and family. The company pays for the meals, and the restaurant doesn’t know if the inspectors were there, which guarantees honest reviews.

The first time they published an American guide was in 2005, and they’ve only covered New York, with 500 restaurants and 50 hotels. And this year, 2022, the guide published its first list of restaurants in the sunshine state of Florida. The Michelin star restaurants in Florida have 14 one-star rankings and one two-star ranking. 

Michelin stars are highly valued in the culinary community, and acquiring one or a loss can mean a lot to a restaurant and its success. 

Stubborn Seed in Miami Beach, Florida

As mentioned, the latest international Michelin guide published was for Florida, featuring Michelin star restaurants in Miami Beach. One of those restaurants with a one-star rating is the Stubborn Seed in Miami Beach, Florida. It’s situated on a corner in the South of Fifth neighborhood, waiting for anyone that loves good food. The restaurant serves American-style food with fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. The menu changes depending on the season and available ingredients, so you can be sure that you’ll always be able to enjoy something new if you visit from time to time. 

But even if you dine in this fine establishment more frequently, you won’t get easily bored, as you can try many exciting meals. Our first recommendation is to try the Chef’s Tasting Menu, which is not only about the food. It’s about the feeling you get during a two-hour dining experience featuring eight courses specially conceived and executed by Chef Jeremy Ford. The Chef’s Tasting Menu is available from Sunday to Thursday until 9 pm, and on the weekend, you can indulge in the Tasting Menu that’s not a la carte. 

The rest of the menu changes seasonally, and at this point, you must try Crunchy Truffle Bravas, which are crunchy on the outside but soft like a pillow on the inside. Also, don’t skip on the tasty Gooey Jalapeño Fritters made with shaved wagyu, truffle emulsion, and white cheddar. Something new coming to the restaurant menu is kombu cured local fish served with caviar under an heirloom melon with yuzu nuoc cham and citrusy flowers. The caviar is out of this world at Stubborn Seed, so be sure to make time to experience it. This meal is as tasty as pretty as it looks. 

Besides the food, Stubborn Seed is known for its beautiful and simple interior that radiates positive energy and good vibes. 

And let’s not forget about the tasty cocktails that are made by true masters of the bartender craft in this Michelin star restaurant in Miami Beach.

The Stubborn Jeremy Ford 

Jeremy Ford is the lifeline of the Stubborn Seed restaurant; without him, this story wouldn’t be the same. Jeremy managed to employ his stubbornness and make a living by making other people enjoy delicious food with high-quality ingredients. 

Ford knew he wanted to cook for a living when he met his maternal grandmother and fell in love with food and cooking when he was only 14. But, by the year 16, he was already working at a restaurant as Garde Manger. As the years passed, Jeremy progressed from only chopping the vegetables to working at L’Orangerie, Patina, and Matador Room until opening his own restaurant, Stubborn Seed, and making it one of the best restaurants in Miami. There he managed to incorporate everything he learned from his previous restaurant jobs and his mentors. In his establishment, he created a unique atmosphere with excellent and extravagant food but still simple and homey.


With everything we shared with you, we can confidently say that you need to write down Stubborn Seed on the list of the restaurants you need to visit the next time you visit Miami Beach.