Visit One of The Newest Michelin Star Restaurants While At Miami Swim Week

There are numerous exciting cities in the U.S. that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime, and without a doubt, Miami is one of them. It’s a city full of life with so much to offer to anyone visiting it. If you are looking for a new place to visit and want to find a place with a colorful and high-quality food scene, but you are also looking for a city packed with various events, Miami is the place to be. 

The best restaurants in Miami are easy to find, and you have probably already heard about some of them. We want to talk to you about one of the hottest places in the city and one of the newest Michelin star restaurants in Florida. 

And the best time to visit this new food spot is during Miami Swim Week, which is slowly approaching. It’s one of the things this city is known about and a good time to browse through Michelin star restaurants and enjoy good food. 

The following article will discuss Miami Swim Week, Michelin star restaurants, and the newest Michelin star restaurant in Florida you must visit. 

What is Miami Swim Week?

Many already know about this annual happening or have at least heard about it. In case you don’t know what it is all about, let us introduce you to one of the most exciting events this city has to offer. 

When you first hear the name Swim Week, there are many things you can associate this event with. Is it a sport event, is it about swimming or does it have to do something with swimwear? To steer you clear of any doubts, Miami Swim Week is a fashion event that gathers fashionistas from all over the U.S. and the world in the capital of the sunny state. However, it’s not a plain and straightforward event that’s done in one day and consists only of fashion shows. It’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity for people to hang out, socialize, and explore the city and everything it has to offer. It’s also a great business opportunity for many already in the business but also for those trying to find a way to get in. It’s a place for everyone interested in fashion, swimwear and who would like to have a good time. 

The event occurs at Miami Beach, the perfect place to celebrate swimwear and the brands behind them. This year the swim week starts on July 14th and lasts until the 21st. So, you still have time to book your ticket, visit this fantastic city, and enjoy this exciting event. 

And if you are still unsure about it, we can tell you that Miami Swim week first started in 2004, and it’s still going strong, and more and more people visit it yearly. And it’s an excellent opportunity to visit the best restaurants in Miami and indulge in quality fine dining. And not to forget, many different events are not just fashion shows. So, even if you are not into this kind of thing, it’s still an excellent time to visit Miami, as many things will happen in the city during this time. 

Michelin Star Restaurant in Florida

Florida is known for its sun, good weather, smiling people, great energy, and good food. There are many Michelin star restaurants in Florida, especially in the best-known city of this state, Miami. 

If you are not quite sure what it means when a restaurant has a Michelin star or a few, let us teach you. 

Stubborn Seed Restaurant – One of the Best Restaurants in Miami

As we already mentioned in Florida, some of the best restaurants are in Miami, and many proudly can say they have a Michelin star. And one of the newest restaurants that had the honor to gain this prestigious award is the Stubborn Seed restaurant. 

Stubborn Seed is not a new place on the map of best restaurants in Miami, but it is one of Florida’s new Michelin star restaurants. Everyone that has ever stepped foot on the premises of this food spot knows how outstanding the service and the food are. The restaurant is located on South Beach and features a simple, inviting, yet extravagant interior that will make you feel pleasant and comfortable.

Besides the impeccable service and a modern interior, the food makes people come back here. The food is out of this world; it can simply satisfy all your craving for comforting food while introducing you to something you never had before. And even if your palate has never tasted something like the food from Stubborn Seed, you will feel at home. You will feel the warmth around your heart and a sensation of a firm hug from the first bite you take. It is because when it comes to preparing special meals and the ingredients, you need to be stubborn, and you can’t settle for less than fresh and organic ingredients. 

And the final reason why Stubborn Seed is such a special place is because of the fuel that makes it run. And that fuel is the passion of Chef Jeremy Ford. 

Who is Jeremy Ford?

Chef Ford is one of the most promising young chefs in the culinary world, and his achievements and many awards prove it. He fell in love with food and cooking when he first met his maternal grandmother at the age of 14, and from there, his culinary journey started. 

Jeremy won Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13, and his career took a good turn. He also has his TV show, Fast Foodies, but he shines the brightest in his restaurant, Stubborn Seed. And being in charge of a Michelin star restaurant is proof he is doing something good.  

The Fantastic Food

Regarding recommendations, we will not be wrong if we say that you have to try everything from the menu, as the food is delicious. However, if you are visiting for the first time, the best thing you can try is the Chef’s Tasting Menu. It is an 8-course dining experience that lasts for two hours. If you decide to on it, you will be able to get to know the chef more intimately through the food he chooses and prepares, especially for the tasting menu. This option is available from Sundays to Thursdays until 9 pm. If you decide to visit on Fridays and Saturdays during the weekend, you can try the Tasting Menu that’s not a la carte. 

And if you want to try something from the menu, you’ll be in for a treat with the Spring Asparagus & Blue Crab Noodles and Hudson Valley Foie Gras Torchon. Also, Japanese Kozatsu Wagyu served with charred maitake, smoked hollandaise, and gnocchi will teleport you to heaven, especially if you love and know how to admire truly high-quality meat. 

And if you want to try something genuinely wonderful, you shouldn’t ignore the Ossetra Caviar Service that comes served just the way it should be to make you and your taste buds feel like you are somewhere else. 

Visit Stubborn Seed

We are not going to talk more about it because you can’t describe the atmosphere and the unique taste the food has here with words. You need to come and visit Stubborn Seed to see it and experience why this is one of the best food places this city has to offer. So don’t hesitate and don’t wait for too long. Call the Stubborn Seed today and book your reservation for the upcoming Swim Week to enjoy your stay even better.