Wine Styles That Pair Well With Fish & Seafood

When wine gods first made wine, they knew what they were doing, and they knew it would be a drink that’s best combined with food. And we don’t have to convince you about it; you already know wine goes perfectly with fish. Not a lot of things can compare to that in our books. But to do it properly, you need to know the basics of wine pairing with fish.  

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated, and after reading what we prepared for you, you’ll feel like a professional.   

We also want you to know that there are many variations and pairings that you can do; you don’t have to drink only dry white wine. You should never be shy about other wines, and even though a dry white wine can be superb, there are so many different options out there, so why not explore. 

And yes, you can also do some great red wine pairing with fish. We’ll answer the old question of what wine goes with fish, and your next dinner will be a feast for your palate. 

What Do You Need to Know Before 

The point of drinking wine with fish or other food is to achieve the complexity of the taste and introduce your palate to a new, exciting experience.   

Pairing wine with fish is a great choice, and when you try to do it, you need to pay attention both to the type of wine and the fish. And when it comes to fish, the variety of it and the way it is prepared is essential.    

The Best Wine Pairing With Fish  

We’ve made a list of the best wine pairing with fish in which we included how to pair red wine with fish, white wine with fish, and various types and preparation methods. We hope you’ll find stimulus and inspiration for your next wine with fish night.   

  • French Sauvignon Blanc With White Fish  

We’ll start with the basics for both wine and fish. When people think about wine pairing with fish, a dry white wine like French Sauvignon Blanc and mild-tasting white fish are the first things that come to mind.   

Due to its fresh taste, Sauvignon Blanc is best served chilled and paired with mild fish like halibut or flounder. When it comes to the preparation of the fish, you shouldn’t use any complicated techniques; simple baking or broiling is enough. You should add herbs such as basil or tarragon for the best results and remarkable pairing white wine with fish. It will bring out the earthy tones of the wine.   

  • Prosecco With Fried Fish  

Prosecco is one of the most famous wines globally, and it’s usually served as a casual drink. But this sweet sparkling white wine pairs very well with salty fried fish. We bet that you didn’t expect this pairing. Battered and fried salted cod goes perfectly with sweet and tasty Prosecco. It may seem unorthodox to pair such a simple meal with a glass of fancy wine, but it is ideal.   

  • Pinot Noir With Freshwater Fish  

We’re excited to share with you a pairing of red wine with fish and Pinot Noir. This wine is not like any other; it’s not robust and complements the fish ideally. You can pair Pinot Noir with freshwater fish, but also with seafood. It goes best with salmon or trout as a part of a pasta dish rich in cream sauce.   

  • Moscato With Spicy Fish  

Moscato is a unique wine that’s sweet, low in alcohol, and filled with aromas of caramel, vanilla, and peach. It’s often paired with desserts, but it can be paired with fish too. It’s best combined with mild white fish but prepared in a spicy sauce. The sweetness of the wine and its mild flavor goes perfectly with the total opposite, the spicy fish dish. Sweet wines are a great option for pairing with spicy dishes because they can balance the flavors.   

  • American Pinot Gris With Oily Fish  

Some people don’t like oily fish, but if you are a fan of mackerel, you have to pair it with a simple American Pinot Gris. This variety of Pinot Gris is not too acidic; it has dominant citrus and fruity flavors that are best shown when paired with seared fish. It is also a great option to pair it with seafood, like seared squid. You should always serve the wine chilled. 

  • Gamay With Sea Bass 

We have another red wine with the fish suggestion, and this time it’s Gamay. It is a French wine similar to Pinot Noir, with low tannin content making it ideal for pairing with fish. It’s also super affordable, so it’s an excellent option for those just beginning their adventure with wine pairing with fish. The best possible combination with this red wine is baked sea bass. The flavors of black currant and violet bring out the flavors of the fish. Even if this is not your first pick when you think about wine pairing, you won’t regret it if you have a chance to give it a try. 

  • White Zinfandel With Dense Fish 

A pairing like this is one is the most typical, and because of that, we left it for the end of our list. White Zinfandel is an affordable and accessible-to-find wine that suits everyone’s palate. It’s another sweet wine, and it will go perfectly with more robust fish flavors. Pair it with grilled tuna steak, and you will have a chance to taste the exciting blackberry flavor of the wine.  

Think Outside of the Box 

Now that we have given you some exciting ideas, you can use them and make your pairings. The beauty of food and wine is the experience that brings you and the joy you feel when you eat good food and drink great wine. It would help if you didn’t shy out from trying new things and new wines. If you were used to only eating simple fish meals with regular dry white wines, try something from our list the next time you have an opportunity. Or, based on our recommendations, play in the kitchen, prepare something new, and buy a bottle of wine that you’ve never tasted before.  

And when you have a chance to go out for lunch or dinner, try something that you’ve never had a chance to try. Ask for something new and exciting. It’s okay to enjoy familiar things, but it’s even better to think outside the box, even when it comes to food and drinks. The beautiful things start to happen when we step out of our comfort zone; remember that the next time you are in a restaurant, you think about ordering something you usually order.  

If you now can’t stop thinking about tasty fish paired with a glass of top-quality aromatic wine, you should call us and make a reservation here at Stubborn Seed. We are proud of our wine selection from the Old and the New World. Come and discover a whole new wine universe waiting here just for you.