Wine Trivia to Tickle Your Taste Buds

Wine has been present for centuries, and as time passes, we tend to fall in love with its decadent tastes and aroma. It’s made from fermented grapes, an ideal fruit for winemaking because the yeast consumes the sugar found in the grapes, producing something that we call wine in the end.  

There are many wine facts and wine trivia out there because wine is as old as time. It was used as a form of medicine, as a currency, and as a conversation starter, and it survived all these years as a people’s favorite. Do you know any other wine trivia facts to share with us?  

Winemaking is a fine art, and we have many artists that are blessing us with world-class wines from all around the world. Because of that and our genuine love of wine, we wanted to share some exciting wine tasting facts

We hope you’ll enjoy these wine trivia facts as much as we do. And of course, while reading, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine.  

The Most Interesting Wine Tasting Facts

  1. Aroma is used to explain the smell of young wine, and the bouquet describes the smell of mature wine.  
  2. Wine is full of antioxidants, especially red.  
  3. France is the world’s largest wine producer.  
  4. California is the world’s largest wine producer outside of Europe.  
  5. This is not only fun wine trivia but also a useful one. To know if a wine is good, you need to take a sip, hold it for a moment in your mouth before swallowing it. How long the aftertaste remains is a sign of wine quality. Of course, the longer, the better.  
  6. You shouldn’t store wine in a fridge; the wine doesn’t need to be at such a cold temperature. 
  7. There are many references to wine in Bible, and only in the Book of Jonah was it not mentioned.  
  8. Restaurants sell more red wines compared to other varieties.  
  9. When it comes to facts about wine, we believe that you don’t know this one. Oenophobia is a phobia of wine. We can put this into sad wine facts more than in a fun one when you think about it.  
  10. Ancient Romans seasoned their wines with many weird things like lead, onions, garlic, or even fermented fish sauce.  
  11. For years wine was used as a remedy, and Hippocrates used it cooling fevers, as a diuretic, and even as a general antiseptic.  
  12. In many countries outside of the US legal drinking age is 18. That rule has roots in Plato’s argument that only at the age of 18 one starts drinking wine, but in moderation, and only tastes it.  
  13. Thucydides said that people across the Mediterranean coast stopped being barbarians when they’ve learned how to cultivate vines and olives. 
  14. Many ancient cultures used wine for trading and as a form of currency. Romans and Greeks did it all the time.  
  15. Besides red and white, there are also pink, golden, and orange wines.  
  16. Wines can be produced from other fruits too, not only from grapes. And Florida is known for making wines out of tropical fruit.  
  17. Red wine is more calorie-dense compared to white wine, and it has more alcohol content.  
  18. Sparkling wine has carbon dioxide in it, and the most famous one is Champagne. It is called that because it’s produced from grapes with a geographical heritage, from Champagne, in France.  
  19. One of the valuable wine tasting facts you want to remember is that you’ll want to pair red wine with red meats and white wine with fish, poultry, and vegetables.  
  20. Another helpful fact is that you should be serving white wine at a temperature of 45°F to 50°F, and red wine at a temperature of 50°F to 60°F. 
  21. Wines can be chilled in the fridge before serving but never stored there.  
  22. Sparkling wine has to be chilled before opening, and you should never open a warm bottle.  
  23. Red wines will lose their color when they age, and they won’t be as brightly colored as the years pass.  
  24. White wines will gain color when they age and won’t be as clear as the years pass by.  
  25. Frances’s famous wine region, Bergerac, has been the only place in the world producing wine since ancient Romans.  
  26. Women weren’t permitted to drink wine in ancient Rome.  
  27. Sweeter wines have more calories, so choose those not so sweet if you are on a diet and still want to drink wine.  
  28. If you want to store wine properly, you need to place the bottles on their sides. It should be done like that so that the cork could be in contact with the wine. This is important because it can dry up and shrink if the cork isn’t in contact with the wine. And while shrinking, it can let in the air into the bottle and destroy the wine. This is another super vital wine trivia.  
  29. There are a lot of fun wine facts about wine production, and one of them is that to produce around 60 cases of wine, you’ll need a ton of grapes.  
  30. Archeologists found perfectly labeled wine jars in Tutankhamun’s tomb.  
  31. You don’t need to sniff the cork to see if the wine is of good quality or not. The only way you can really know if it is good is to taste it.  
  32. There are many exciting wine tasting facts, but this one is essential. When drinking wine, you need to hold the glass by the stem. You should never hold the upper part of the glass because you are warming the wine that way.  
  33. Wine barrels in France are made out of wood from oak trees. And the trees harvested for the production of the barrels are very old, around 170 years.  
  34. Red wines are suitable for your overall health.  
  35. Naturally, wine is gluten-free, so you can still enjoy a glass of wine if you don’t consume gluten.  
  36. Just a glass of red wine has the same number of antioxidants you can find in 20 glasses of apple juice.  
  37. Many wine traditions come from ancient times, and toasting is one of them. Romans would put a toasted piece of bread into a glass of wine for it to collect any unnecessary flavor. 

There are many more facts about wine that we could share with you, but it would take you a lot of time to read them. And it’s better to use that time for something other than that, for example, drinking wine. So, we’ll end our list here because the only right thing you need to do now is to go and pour yourself a glass of wine.

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